Best Hair Day Ever


Today I am having the bestest hair day. Congratulations to me! My hair feels soft, clean and thick. It had enough texture to do what I wanted it to do and stay where I wanted it to stay.

This morning I washed my hair with a bar of soap.

Just kidding! Wait, no I’m not.

I used the same bar of soap to wash my hair, my face and my body. I didn’t use conditioner on my hair and it combed through like a hot knife through butter. Stay with me here, I’m telling the truth. I also shaved and I didn’t use shave cream (gasp!), I used soap. Exactly what the tell you not to do on TV right before they warn you with footage of some poor lady in the shower whose legs are covered in blood.

But it must have been a miracle right? Because I didn’t break skin and I’m smooth like Marlo’s bottom.

Speaking of Marlo’s bottom, it’s extra smooth today because I washed her head to toe with this bar of soap, too.

Let’s just get serious, here. I’m talking about hippie soap folks. Soap that doesn’t have any ingredients I can’t go and buy at the store. Soap that wouldn’t necessarily kill me if I ate it. Soap that was made in someone’s kitchen. Most likely that someone is a hippie, because this kitchen is in Bloomington, Indiana. And I say hippie with the most gracious of intentions, as every day that passes, I look at Birkenstocks and hemp purses with a little more sparkle in my eyes.

I’m a hippie soap convert. I am.

Here’s the magic soap I’m talking about: Earth Drops Soap, specifically Nutty Almond Cream. You can order online and I recommend you do.

Now excuse me while I go clear the Suave, Olay and Aveeno out of my shower.


1 Response to “Best Hair Day Ever”

  1. 1 Philip Schey September 19, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Leave it to the Doctor….

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