Forever 21, A Love Story

Dear Forever 21,

Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there’s no one else above you?

You fit me. You make it easy to make me look like I know how to dress. You don’t steal all my money. You always come through for me when I’m in a pinch.

There are people out there who say we shouldn’t be together. They say you’re trash. That your quality won’t last. They cry fowl that your prices are so fair because your products are made overseas by children paid pennies a day.

What they don’t know is, you can’t walk into a store and buy clothes today that aren’t made overseas by children paid pennies a day (there are a few – very few- stores, but our one income household won’t allow me to flirt with them). This is true for Forever 21, The Gap, Anthropologie and even Ralph Lauren. So who are they kidding? And I think everyone should know, F21 (can I call you F21?), the other day, when you were in the shower, I looked at your tags. You do make clothes in the United States.

And for those questioning your quality, I have something to say to them, too. I’ve had your clothes in my wardrobe for almost 10 years. Clothes that I’ve worn and washed regularly and they still look great. This includes jeans that cost $10, t-shirts that cost $4, sweaters that cost $12 and dresses that cost $20.

I’ve had $40 t-shirts from J.Crew fall apart after just a few gentle washes. And I have a hard time even finding a piece of clothing on the racks of Urban Outfitters that isn’t already snagged or riddled with holes before I get the chance to buy it. Anthropologie, you’ve failed me many a times with unraveling sweaters. The thing is, when I give you $10 for a new top, F21, I wouldn’t even  care if it didn’t last me more than one season, because I want to have new clothes every season anyway. And what woman doesn’t want that?

You have your flaws. You do. Your store is somewhat unshoppable. There are so many styles crowded together haphazardly on dozens of racks, many out of reach. I solve this by shopping your website, which is updated with new items many times a day.

You also have a gestapo return policy. No returns without a receipt. No refunds. 21 days to decide. But I can live with this because when I drop a measly $50 and walk away with four new outfits, I have little if any buyers remorse.

Don’t ever leave me Forever 21. I beg you. If something happens to you, I would be devastated. I would never leave the house because I would have nothing to wear.

You are my everything,


(who is in no way affiliated with Forever 21 even though she wishes Forever 21 would marry her)


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