Going to the Supermarket

By now, the giant online marketplace for all things handmade, Etsy, is kind of old news. I always do my daily Etsy check to see what’s being showcased on their homepage. Browsing the site often gives me decorating or crafting ideas, and I’ve found it’s a wonderful place to buy a unique gift.

The only annoying thing about Etsy being like a giant oversized craft fair is since anyone can open up an Etsy store, you often have to look at hundreds of particularly strange or unattractive items to find that little nugget of perfection. This is where the website Supermarket comes in. It’s like Etsy, in that all of the items are products of individual artists and designers, but unlike Etsy, it’s curated. In other words, the inventory is carefully selected so you only see the best of the best. You won’t find as diverse of an aestetic on Supermarket as you will on Etsy. Everything seems to appeal to the mid-century modern taste, but that’s what’s hip right? No scrolling through dozens of cross-stitch samplers to find your gorgeous Amy Butler clad throw pillow.

Here are some of my favorites I found “window shopping” this morning.

1. I prefer my hoodies to have weiner dogs. Red dog hoodie from finch design.

2. For all those hyper-vigilante new mothers, now you can check your baby’s growth every time you lay her down for a nap. Baby measuring fitted sheet – Clare Chen.

3. Me TOO! J’aime Tacos from MNKR.

4. It’ll always be 5:30 – time to go home! Horo 1 – Stainless Steel by brevity.

5. Dress up your plain white table cloth. Silkscreened table mats by swallowfield.

6. Ugly tissue box plaguing your awesomely hip room? Polopolo large tissue box cover – yokomono studio.

7. Send me this greeting card, warm my heart. Nerd – single greeting card – In-vita Paper Studio.

8. Perfect wedding/anniversary gift for the couple who is way to cool for Crate & Barrel.Custom Circle the Date Pillow – Chakra Pennywhistle.

9. Love the photo collage look but repelled by the headache of measuring and leveling? This kit makes all your dreams come true. Black Picturewall Frames – The Picturewall Company.

10.  And how about a collection of travel destination prints to put in your frame kit. Portland, Oregon Print – JHill Design.


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