Weekend Adventure

Real conversation:

Marlo: Dad. Hi. Please don’t go to work today.


Marlo: Can we do something that involves leaving the house? Look I’m all dressed, and it’s sunny outside.


Marlo: Will you look up an apple orchard? Some of my friends went to one, and said it was the best time they ever had in their life. Okay?


Dad: Okay


Anderson’s Apple Orchard – a real American experience.


Drive in, grab a bag, pull the apples off the tree, put ’em in the bag, pay an incredibly fair price, go on your merry way.


What’s nice is that you can actually try the apples before you commit. This results in a lot of half eaten apples on the ground. Jeff and I wondered how they kept the animals out at night. I imagined the place being like a Golden Corral, all you can eat buffet for all the nocturnal scavengers.


Jeff recommends the Cortland variety.


Marlo tried really hard to pull the apples off the tree, but ended up just getting frustrated and smacking them around like piñatas.


Even though she’s no Johnny Appleseed, Marlo really enjoyed herself. In fact, she may have had the best time of her life.


We had a pretty good time, too.

Another real conversation:

Mom & Dad: Hey Marlo, what was your favorite part?

Marlo: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



1 Response to “Weekend Adventure”

  1. 1 Aunt Bear October 6, 2009 at 10:32 am


    My girls and I have gone to Anderson Orchard every year for I can’t remember how many years. It is always the best time they have ever had and the memories are priceless. Keep up the tradition! When we went this year, Maggie was busy so she didn’t get to go and she hasn’t let me forget it!!!! So at 17, they still love to go!

    Thanks for sharing your memory!

    Aunt Bear

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