The Treat Girl


I’ve received a few complaints from my most loyal readers. Apparently I’ve not only been posting too infrequently, but I’ve also been writing too few postings featuring Marlo.


Let’s just pretend that my most loyal readers don’t all have the same last name and weren’t in the labor room when she was born.


It’s not that she hasn’t done anything absolutely adorable or brilliant lately. There’s actually been much of that. But these moments are a little less controlled than before, because she’s a little less controlled then before.


Where’s Marlo? I feel like I asked that question 3 times a minute now because she’s here, then she’s gone.


She’s a genius. Have I told you that before? Well, she is. A genius and an animal lover. She thoroughly adores her new roommates, now that we live with Grammie and Gramps and their three pets – the dachshunds Rosy, Sammy, and the cat – I should know that cat’s name, but I don’t.


She beats the cat with drumsticks. The cat’s declawed, so no need to worry about retaliation folks.


Dachshunds can be mean dogs, but not these dachshunds. Somehow my in-laws managed to find the nicest dachshunds on the planet and buy them. There aren’t any left folks so don’t go looking to have some yourself. They all live with Marlo.

Thank goodness because she’s constantly all up in their business. While it took them a few days to adjust to this, I think Sammy and Rosy have pretty much accepted this annoying munchkin following them around waving her hands in their faces.

This may have something to do with it:

Yeah. She’s become the treat girl. All dogs love the treat girl. So, Grammie thought it would probably be in everyone’s best interest if Marlo filled that role. Marlo takes it very seriously. Sometimes, she doesn’t think she does it as perfectly as she’s capable of, and she asks to do it again. The dogs love this. Not sure how the vet will feel about it though…


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