Fun Times with Marlo

It’s a crummy day here. Here being Indianapolis. Crummy. Dark and cold and rainy and crummy.

Here’s some sunshine.


Marlo hasn’t used a pacifier since she was 4-5 months old – this could be guessed seeing that she has it in upside down. Now she just teethes on them, but it’s still the strangest thing to see one in her mouth. I love this picture because in the words of Miss Tyra Banks, she’s “smiling with her eyes”.

You know that wheezy, throaty kind of laugh old – I mean decrepit – men have? Picture the pedophile old man neighbor in Family Guy.

Yeah that kind of laugh. Well my 11 month old daughter is a little ahead of herself here. She’s had the old man laugh for a few months now. Here’s a sample.

Yesterday, she figured out that putting stuff on her head made mommy laugh. All day long she had a rag or a t-shirt or pj pants on her head as she crawled around. Stopping every so often to check and make sure I was watching and admiring her.

And for the finale…when her knees get a little sore after crawling all day – she’ll walk around on all fours. She’s fast and hilarious. The only problem is she can’t see where she’s going and bonks her head on everything. I apologize the video is a little Blair Witch, try not to throw up.

There, that makes the day little better, no?


1 Response to “Fun Times with Marlo”

  1. 1 Borislava July 22, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    This did bring much needed sunshine to my day! Thank you Em and Marlo.

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