One Thing Leads To Another

Jeff and I like to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

If this were 2 years ago, I would have said Jeff and I LOVE to watch So You Think You Can Dance. We were hooked watching Season 3 with Pasha, Dominic, Sabre and Neil. The choreography that season was outstanding and memorable, so much so that every time I hear certain songs now, I can see the dances in my mind. It doesn’t happen often but if I’m in a shop and “Body Language” by Queen is on, I see Sarah and Pasha dancing in spandex and stretchy suspenders.

And I absolutely can’t forget the end of this Paso Doble.

But the only thing still good about the show this season is the emcee Cat Deeley. Seriously, she’s the most charming beautiful lady I’ve ever seen on television. I hope she’s getting paid a lot of money. Anyway, we were watching, as usual on Wednesday night, hoping to see something extraordinary, but were feeling plagued with a bunch of the ordinary. Then two dancers (I don’t even know their names this season is so bad) danced a jazz routine to the song “Show Me Heaven.” It wasn’t the original version, but I was completely wired about it. I had completely forgot about this song, but it was once the only song I would listen to for days and days and days.

I was seven in 1990 when Maria McKee recorded “Show Me Heaven” for the Days of Thunder soundtrack. The second I heard it, I loved it and my dad bought me the cassette tape. He bought me whatever music I wanted. He was good like that. I remember just playing it over and over and over again on my Walkman. I can’t believe it’s almost 20 years old. I still love it now. This girl can really wail, seriously. Why wasn’t she more famous? Maybe she was and I was just too young to realize it.

So yeah, that’s a good song. I’m not too proud to admit I love it, as cheesy as it may be. But what’s so great about this rediscovery of this decade straddling song is this You Tube “Related Video” that popped up during my search for it. Apparently Miss McKee wrote this song when she was 19 and this here fancy man plucked it from it’s country oblivion and got himself a pop hit single. This is just an 80’s murder scene. Enjoy! Have a nice weekend!


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