Marlo & Mum’s Show & Tell: A Few Favorite Things

Marlo and I got together this morning to discuss a few things that we’ve been thoroughly enjoying as of late.

After compiling a brief list and taking appropriate photographs, this is what we have to share.

1. Hunter’s Honey Farm’s Gourmet Spun Honey
Chosen by: Mum (of course) – but Marlo can’t wait until her first birthday to try it.

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This Martinsville farm sells their goods online, at Indianapolis area Meijer supermarkets, and Indy area farmer’s markets. I’ve only seen these gorgeous jars of deliciousness at the farmer’s markets. The spun honey is something that was really a new concept to me. It’s spreadable, resembling the consistency of a natural peanut butter and comes in a variety of flavors from nutty and aromatic to fruity. The kind woman at the stand sold me the Cinnamon Pecan flavor, and all she had to say was “I dip my apples in it”. I wanted to be just like her, and now I am – every afternoon.

2. Charlie & Lola
Chosen by: Marlo & Mum

There’s really nothing better then little children with British accents. This Disney channel cartoon is about the adventures of a responsible loving brother and his cantankerous little sister which often cover common childhood predicaments like picky eating (“I will never not EVER eat a tomato”) and having to make choices. Charlie & Lola perfectly captures what kids are like and how funny, impulsive and imaginative they can be. Mum may like it a little more than Marlo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. Heirloom Tomatoes … on sale.
Chosen by: Mum

Speaking of tomatoes, Whole Foods had a sale on their heirloom tomatoes this week and I thought about doing a little dance right there in the produce department. $3.99/lb! That’s cheap for around here. Not much is needed for me to enjoy these tasty treats, just a little S&P, a fork, and about 45 seconds. Here’s the beauty I had for lunch yesterday.


4. Watermelon Orbitz
Chosen by: Marlo

I think I try every new flavor of Orbitz gum. I tend to prefer the fruity flavors like strawberry-mint and raspberry-mint. They have this new variety out now called Orbitz Mist that’s supposed to give you a “hydrating” sensation. Yeah whatever, I didn’t get that, what I did get was sweaters on my teeth. Regular Orbitz makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth, this makes you feel like you just polished off a bag of cotton candy. Regardless, the watermelon flavor was really yummy. Marlo was a huge fan.


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