Family Portraits

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-3

Last month there was a pretty important Anniversary. Not ours. Another one.

Jeff’s parents, Brad & Jodie, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in early May. What’s taken me so long to blog about it? Well I was waiting for the pictures. These pictures.

Before the party, and the renewing of vows, everyone gathered in the back yard for a series of family pictures. This is a HUGE family, so this took a while.

This is the nuclear:

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-5

Not too bad looking huh? Jeff’s in the top right.

Here’s all the kids and the in-laws:

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-10

This is quite amazing. Here is Jeff’s Mamaw and Papaw and all their grandchildren and great-grandchildren:

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-71

Can you imagine what their Christmas receipts add up to? And they are generous folks, very generous.

And that’s not even everyone! There are 5 aunts and uncles not pictured. Incredible to compare his family to my family which totals a whopping 11 people.

Here is our family portrait:

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-40

And a little snippet of the ceremony:

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-88

And just for fun – I love this picture:

Jodie's 25th Anniv.-36

Now for some food. I brought a few desserts. Some old favorites:

Lemon Lavender Cookies

Chocolate Bundt Cake

And I also tried out a recipe I’ve been dying to try out for about a year. Giada’s Marscapone cupcakes with Strawberry Icing. They were a hit with the kids because they were bite sized. The cake was light and fluffy and the icing was divine. I’ll be making these again. Check out the post below for the recipe.


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