Quite a Father’s Day Weekend

With Jeff’s family living about an hour away, and my family living a good 3 hours away, it was quite an occasion that both of us got to spend Father’s Day weekend with our fathers.

Saturday evening, my family, Jeff’s family and a few friends gathered at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport, Kentucky for dinner and beers before the big Civil Rights baseball game between our White Sox and the Reds. If you live near Cincinnati and you’ve never been to the Hofbrauhaus, what’s wrong with you? It’s really a special place. There are just 3 in the country. The one in Newport, and also Las Vegas and Pittsburgh. The atmosphere is great – loud, but great with a big dining hall and an enormous beer garden. The food is traditional and delicious and the beer, brewed on site, is even more so. With hundreds of people to look at, Marlo had a ball.

Roll 144

After dinner, my parents took the babe back to the hotel and the rest of us went to the ballpark. At this point I was exhausted and cranky and probably didn’t make good company, but everyone seemed forgiving. It was a really exciting game. Before the first pitch they honored Bill Cosby, Mohommad Ali and Hank Aaron with Civil Rights leadership awards. And the game itself was a nailbiter. But the Sox came up from behind and won 10-8 just a little before midnight.

The next morning. Jeff and I were dead tired. Marlo was not. We with my parents decided to take her to the Cincinnati Zoo. It’s a beautiful zoo just north of the University of Cincinnati campus. I had gone as a child probably almost 20 years ago and the memories stuck with me, and Marlo loves little creatures so we were excited to take her. Here are some highlights:


Marlo and Daddy looking at Marlo’s favorite animal of the day:




Mom and Marlo looking at Mom’s favorite animals:




Badass Grandpa staring down a Lynx who just got fed some handsome hunk of roadkill.


It was 90 degrees so these misting tunnels not only looked like a little piece of heaven, they were a little piece of heaven.


Grandma and I’m-too-sexy-for-my-shirt Marlo.


Thanks for treating us to a wonderful day at the zoo Grandma & Grandpa!


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