Thank GOOP for Jaydiohead

Marlo isn’t really on the cutting edge of the hip music scene. Not coincidentally, neither am I.

Her favorite songs consist mostly of what I call Zoo Jamz from her Fisher Price zoo toy and also Little Tyke’s remixes of the classic “ABC” from the Jackson Five and “Allstar” from Smashmouth. Not very current, I know.

There was a point in time where I used to be hip (musically). I branded that as part of my personality. That may be why I have half the male friends that I do. When all else failed in our social evenings, we could always rely on just sitting silently in the car listening to Radiohead at a just-loud-enough-without-being-too-loud volume, which is probably the closest I’ve come to a religious experience. Usually no words were necessary, and I understood this. Maybe other girls didn’t.

I still consider myself a huge Radiohead-head.. or would it be Head-head, I don’t know. However, I’m not in the least bit surprised that I just now found this “Jaydiohead” business, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow. She sends me emails every week or so. We’re tight. Don’t buy it? Aren’t you a wise owl. If you’re remotely interested in what Gwyneth Paltrow thinks is cool, you could sign up for her email newsletter GOOP. She will email you on occasion (it’s never an annoying frequency) and tell you about recipes, restaurants, general child rearing advice, etiquette, hotels, vacation hot spots, etc. I don’t find that it changes my life, but occasionally she’ll have some valuable little nugget. Like this Jaydiohead. It’s a marriage of Jay-Z and Radiohead. No, they didn’t meet together in some London studio and lay some new tracks (the thought of this alone is quite amusing). Some guy who calls himself minty fresh beats merged Jay-Z raps with Radiohead music. I’m not really a huge hip-hop fan (wouldn’t it be funny if I was), but I find it easier to swallow if it’s layered on top of a Radiohead song. Have a listen and a nice weekend.


1 Response to “Thank GOOP for Jaydiohead”

  1. 1 Chanda May 15, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    I too am signed up for the GOOP e-mails. I always enjoy them, and occasionally find them relevant to my life. For instance, the last one with the DJ playlists came at perfect timing for Dad’s party! Whenever I talk to people about something in the GOOP e-mails, I refer to Gwyneth as my BFF 🙂 Why else would she be e-mailing me?

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